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Spoil Me

Please be aware that gifts are never expected, and I value more than anything that you choose to spend your time with me.

However, if you wish to go the extra mile, gift cards from the links below are truly appreciated!

Any E-Gift cards can be sent to


I am always grateful for spa, airline & hotels gift-cards and also:

La Perla

Victoria's Secret

Agent Provocateur

Jimmy Choo



Here are a few ideas of things I would like. I also love a surprise, so flowers, chocolates or perfume are always a lovely thing to bring to a date.


Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

J'Adore Absolu Dior

Pure Poison Dior


pink or white Lilies or obscenely red Roses



definitely milk Chocolate

If you’re feeling generous but don’t want the hassle of picking out a gift, I will always be very happy with a donation that I can use to treat myself to something special.

Thank you!

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