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Exclusive Service Provided

Intimacy comes with spending time with a woman dedicated to making you feel fulfilled, wanted

but yet craving more...

Our time together will never be rushed as my philosophy is to go with chemistry. Extended dates are perfect for experiencing relaxation and enable us to connect on the most satisfying levels.

I firmly believe in quality of quantity, prioritising longer interludes where we can get to know one another in a relaxed unchastened atmosphere. Anticipation, conversation and laughter create authentic encounters.

Let’s start to get to know each other and share this intimate moment with me...

Tantalizing Tryst 

One hour  425 $

Alluring Rendezvous

Ninety minutes  600 $

More Delight

Two hrs  800 $

Intimate Adventure 
Three hrs  
1.100 $

Dinner & Dessert

Four hrs  1.300 $

Overnight Overture
from  2.500 $

Full-Day Addiction
from  3.500 $

Weekend Getaway

from  4.500 $

Fly me to you - Four hours minimum plus flight & accommodations are taken care of by you.

Lets not place a limit on how much fun we can have together.


Let the time be suspended for a while and allow us to relax and explore each others most passions...

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