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​If you have ever met with a companion before, then you know most of this is pretty standard. Please read through so that everything runs smoothly!



While I know you would like to know what to expect, I do not believe in basing our meeting on a check list of items or a list of acronyms. If that is the type of experience you are looking for, I’m probably not the provider for you. However if you are looking for a stress-free, organic experience that unfolds from the chemistry between two people, I think we will have an amazing time together.



I only see a limited amount of suitors and am selective with those I choose to see. If I do not think that we will be compatible, or cannot offer you what you are looking for I will decline the invitation to meet. My ideal suitor is polite, respectful and insanely generous.


My Rates

The rates I've set for myself allow me to be selective in terms of who I see and enables me to focus on the connection with the company I choose to keep.

Listed rates are for my companionship and time Only. Anything that may, or may not, occur is between two consenting adults and for which there is no contract or compensation.  It will be understood that anyone contacting me understands and accepts these terms. I reserve the right to decline appointments when I deem necessary.


Payments in person (not deposit) are by cash Only. Unfortunately I do not accommodate payment apps such as Paypal, CashApp, Venmo etc., due to chargeback risks.


Consideration must be made obvious and in plain sight in an open envelope. Let’s make this as smooth as possible for both of us, so we avoid any awkwardness or having to make me ask for it.  I accept cash Only.

Donations are for my time Only

Please practice decorum and under no circumstances assume that donations can encourage risky behaviours or push boundaries.


I expect you to be a gentleman in all our interactions – before, during, and after our time together.  I am a sensitive, caring individual with personal limits, needs, and boundaries that must be respected at all times.  If I feel disrespected or my well-being is endangered at any time, I will cancel our date immediately.



Please practice great hygiene when coming to see me.  I will be clean and groomed for our appointment and I expect the same from you. I will ask you to shower at the beginning of our time together, and please make sure to use the soap/body-wash as water alone often doesn’t get rid of any odor. Oral hygiene is also important; please thoroughly brush your teeth, and use mouthwash.Neatly groomed and smooth fingernails and good perfume are greatly appreciated.


Advanced appointments are appreciated

I am a planner by nature and always prefer advance notice. Same-day and last-minute appointments are rarely possible, but if you email me with all your info right away, miracles can happen.

Although I prefer men who really value their time and mine.  And they know how to organize time for their own pleasure.


Be organized, it will only give you more confidence. There is nothing sexier than a confident man.

And I also need time to prepare, probably, after all, you want to see a well-groomed and ready-to-pleasure girl in front of you ... don't you?

Also please read well my   

Cancellations Policy here

 for further details...



Please understand that I may have other plans scheduled after our meeting. If you will be running late, please tell me as soon as possible that you may not make it by your scheduled time, so I can try my best to adjust my schedule to accommodate.



Please respect that I see our time together as special, and that any intimate details should not be exploited for the world to read.

I do accept tasteful and non-invasive reviews.
I would appreciate you write about details such as my reliability, attitude, authenticity etc.



While gifts are never expected, I am always delighted by surprises.  After all, what woman doesn’t like to be pampered with something unexpected and special? Its definitely the easiest way to set yourself apart as the gentleman I adore and spoil in return.


Thank you!

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