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Your Burning Questions


Are your rates negotiable?

No. I understand that I am not the right companion for everyone. A companions fee is a personal decision – what I feel comfortable with. Money has never been an issue for my established patrons. If my rates are unacceptable to you…please understand we are not a match.  I’m not for everyone and I don’t pretend to be.


I'm typically able to meet daily between 9 am - 9 pm with at least 12 hours' notice, especially for the morning sessions. Incall dates have a One hour minimum. 
I will meet you only at a clean and safe location. I will drop you a pin upon confirmation.

I am a planner by nature and always prefer advance notice. Same-day and last-minute appointments are rarely possible, but if you send me with all specific info right away, miracles can happen:) 
I look forward to enjoying your company!

Will my age/height/nationality/weight/

/race/shoe size/etc bother you?  
Not at all!  I do not discriminate or judge based on uncontrollable factors.  As long as you are respectful, hygienic and 18+

I would love to meet you!

What are your turn-Ons?

I like a sensual man with good hygiene and a sharp intellect. Of course, a great sense of humor is most attractive to me!

Also I like to dress up for you, please read the

Lingeries Requests here...

And that excitement turns me On insanely, imagining our soon date.

My obsession with pleasure is endless, my thirst for sensuality is unquenched and my fantasies are untamed:) 

What are your turn Offs?

Bad hygiene, rudeness, and disrespect and those under heavy influence of drugs and alcohol.

How do overnights/extended dates work?
I’m thrilled at the chance to spend extended time with you! During overnights or longer dates, please understand that I will need to check my phone for personal and business needs occasionally (this will not interrupt our time together).

I’m at my brightest when I get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and I’m best greeted in the AM with cold brew coffee (+ almond milk and 1 packet of stevia) and/or sparkling water. On extended dates I also require 2+ hours daily to rest, workout, and take care of business matters.

Lingeries requests.
I have quite a large, hot and exclusive collection of lingerie.
And therefore, for an additional fee, you can even see me in exactly the outfit as in my portfolio or please feel free and choose your favorite color.
I will come dressed with taste and restraint to meet you.
If you have any requests (example; no perfume, etc.) Please send me an email prior to our date. I will do my very best to grant your request(s) within reason.
If you have a specific outfit in mind that I do not own, you are welcome to purchase it for me and I will happily wear it for our date, so pls

Check my Size here...


What is your favorite drink?

Brut Rosé is my all time favorite drink! As it's appropriate in any situation (in my opinion lol). Red Burgundies and Rhone Varietals, especially GSM blends, are my favorite reds, and if the spirit moves me I also enjoy gin cocktails.

What is your favorite kind of food?

Such a hard question! If I had to choose I think I'd go with Japanese and Contemporary French as my top two :) 

Why didn’t you answer my mail ???

It takes me some time to get back to e-mails and inquiries. If you don’t get a response in 24-48 hours, it could be for one of the following reasons:

Rude, crude, or disrespectful

Poorly written or incomprehensible

Complete lack of specifics

Using acronyms to inquire about any sexual acts

Any talk of sexual acts

Did you typo your email? Double check!

If you didn’t get a reply and sent a polite email, feel free to ping me. Things get lost in my inbox.

Mutual respect is very important for me. Please respect my boundaries and don't ask me explicit questions about free time to discuss my rates or text/extra photos.  Unpleasant emails or messages with insufficient content will not be answered.

The perfect love letter

from a gentleman for me personally,
should be polite, concise and most importantly very specific. I want to respect your time and I expect the same in return.


Good afternoon Morgan

Might you be free for an hour

( Tantalizing Tryst ) on Wednesday January 04 at 6 pm ?  

Best regards ( name )

Hello Morgan 
I’m ( name ) and I'm interested in a

booking for Sunday March 6th

afternoon for 2hrs ( More Delight ).

Do you have availability at 2 pm ?

Good evening Morgan

My name is ( name ) and I was wondering if you were available

for 3hrs ( Intimate Adventure ) 

tomorrow Friday December 12th around 3 pm ?

WhatsApp & Email Only.

No direct calls/video or iMessages. 

If you have my phone number please respect my privacy and do not abuse it. I appreciate texts Only when setting up scheduling or for details on the day of our scheduled meeting.

What is your Cancellation Policy ???

Life gets in the way and can be complicated, I understand. However, I do enforce a strict cancellation policy and it is non-negotiable.


The time we spend together is extremely valuable, like you, I plan my schedule around our date.Cancelling on my end is almost unheard of.


I believe that we must both respect and acknowledge the importance of each other’s time.  I have a buzzing  social calendar, so I am selective about who I will meet. I prioritize time for people who can keep promises. In the event of unforeseen circumstances where change of plans may be required, I require 24-hour cancellation notice.  


If you cancel twice in a row, without any notice of cancellation, I will no longer accept dates with you and you will be blacklisted immediately.

Please understand this is not fair to many other gentlemen.


Thank you for your understanding!

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